Naxxar Gap to Gharghur Victoria Lines Malta map and walking

Naxxar Gap to Gharghur Victoria Lines Malta map and walking

photographs scenic views wieds valleys malta victoria lines

The Gharghur (Ghargur) to Naxxar Gap section of the Victoria Lines Malta offers easy access, great views and a couple of bridges (Stop Walls) to walk across the local Wieds (dry river valleys).

The Victoria Lines section at Wied il-Faham has parts in disrepair and you may, for a few yards, be walking on top of the wall with a steep drop on the other side. Its not that dangerous as long as care is taken but dont attempt it in the dark!

For those who have followed the guide from West (Kuncizzjoni) to East (Naxxar Gap) this part of the walking guide is in the opposite direction! The photo order shows from Madliena Heights (East) end to the Naxxar Gap.

Naxxar Gap to Gharghur section Victoria Lines Malta map and walking

entrance to Wied il Faham bridge walkway victoria lines malta

This is the 2nd Gharghur “Line” of the Victoria Lines Malta. This Wied il-Faham to the Naxxar Gap and its Cart Ruts walk starts at an overgrown walled entrance. Its at the end of the first Madliena to Gharghur Victoria Line beside the road that goes steeply down the escarpment.

Triq Ghar San Brinkat Malta gharghur

Triq Ghar San Brinkat – great views. This road leads down the Great Fault Line escarpment and you can even park at the very top, right in the middle of the walk along the Victoria Lines Malta route between Madliena and Naxxar Gap

It is right beside the overgrown entrance to the path into Wied il-Faham and how you walk to Naxxar.

disrepair maltas victoria lines walls Gharghur section

The broken Maltese Victoria Lines walls give a great view and gaps for photographs, with the very scenic landscape below you. It also seems in keeping with Malta and its derelict and ruined buildings.

valleys Wied il Faham Gharghur naxxar maltese victoria lines

Its not a long Line but its a lot more “natural” than the first section, helped by the state of this part of the Victoria Lines. Its a short climb down and up Wied il-Faham.

walking maltas victoria lines Ghargur part

The yellow “cliffs” on the other side of the valley is a deep quarry, one of many on the island of Malta. Its still in use so be careful if you do go on the road to have a look, as the lorry drivers wont slow down for you. After all, its always Wabbit Season on the Island of Malta.

overgrown Gharghur Gharghur victoria lines malta island

Bushes, trees and shrubs have taken over some parts of the pathway you walk along the Gharghur Victoria Lines but thats part of the beauty of this small section of the Lines.

hiking maltas victoria lines view scenic Gharghur

As you climb down or up the stairs on this side (not obvious when coming from Madliena side) you get a great view of the Wied. You would pitty any dirty foriegners who would have attempted an attack up this amazingly narrow valleys.

Wied il Faham dry river valleys victoria lines malta

Wied il-Faham and the walkway bridge (Stop Wall) that crosses it. The Wieds
around the Gharghur part of the Great Fault Line and escarpment are strange.
They are described as Dry River Valleys but how can they be? How do they
cut through the escarpment, how are they so narrow yet have different widths,
where is the river that caused this?

victoria lines malta bridges walking ways Wied il Faham

If these Wieds/valleys were caused by water/rivers then where did all the water come from, where did it gain such speed and force?

trekking steps victoria lines malta Gharghur route Gharghur Ghargur victoria lines malta bridges pathways

As you descent into the valley floor of Wied il-Faham it becomes much quieter,
warmer and the natural smells and sounds of Malta will surround you. You
may even see birds of prey silently gliding on the thermals.

defensive walls british empires maltas victorias lines

A short climb up the slope (down it if you are coming from the Naxxar Gap end of this part of the Victoria Lines) gives you a view of the other side.

heights dangerous unsafe dodgy parts victoria lines malta

Be careful as it appears that sections of this Victoria Line are completely missing. With the bushes also claiming back the land that was once theirs, before the British Empire decided that they were going to claim this little part of land as well as a third of the world, you may have to get dangerously close to the edge.

maltas victoria lines unsafe sections walking Gharghur

Fighting your way through the local vegetation is part of the fun of hiking this part of Malta’s Victoria Lines.

views along maltas victoria lines path Gharghur naxxar gap

Up and at ’em rewards you with a fine view as you walk along to or from the Naxxar Gap part of the Victoria Lines Malta.

Malta’s Sound Radar – “the ear” (Il-Widna)

il Widna the ear maltese maltas sound radar accoustic

Malta’s Sound Radar (Accoustic Radar) is the only one of its kind built outside the United Kingdom. This old building was constructed before the use of “Radar” and WW2. It trapped and reflected sound and thats why they were known as Sound Radars. The Maltese name for it is Il-Widna, the ear.

overseas sound accoustic mirror photographs ilwidna

You will be able to see Il-Widna (the ear) as you hike along this section of the Maltese Victoria Lines.

More information on buildings in the area of Ghargur and rambling along the Ghargur Victoria Lines from Malta’s Ramblers Association

Ghargur to Madliena section coming soon.