Mosta to Naxxar Gap Victoria Lines Malta map and hiking

Mosta to Naxxar Gap Victoria Lines Malta map and hiking

guide to walking at Naxxar the route along the Victoria Lines Malta

The Fort Mosta to Naxxar Gap walking route along Malta’s Victoria Lines is a very short but varied path. You will cross a high arched bridge across a Weid, see how the British Empires fortifications were built into the valley walls, go past one of the largest limestone quarries in Malta, perhaps see a Girna and visit some of Malta’s most mysterious Cart Ruts, that are found at the Naxxar Gap.

You will also have to walk along a fast busy road so be careful.

Mosta to Naxxar Gap section of Victoria Lines Malta map and hiking

fort mosta bridge malta Malta's Victoria Lines

The bridge crossing the Wied (Valley), left takes you to the Naxxar Gap and the Naxxar Cart Ruts, right takes you into Mosta. If you are coming the opposite route from East to West (Madliena to Kuncizzjon) then when you cross the bridge you need to keep going straight over the a roundabout and then carry on straight or take a right along a side road either into Fort Mosta itself or into a farmers field.

fort mosta road bridge Victoria Lines Malta

A view of Mosta’s impressive high arched bridge

into the valley of death photograph image drawing Victoria Lines Malta

“into the valley of death … ” the Gaps and Weids along Malta’s Victoria Lines were turned into valleys of death for any invader that would have tried to find away to attack Valletta from the North of the Island. Either Stop Walls were built with rifle Loop Holes to pick off the invading army, Malta’s Victoria Lines themselves used to corral them into killing zone or constructed in a valley of death.

fort mosta end start Malta's Victoria Lines

View across the valley of death towards Fort Mosta and the end of its section of Malta’s Victoria Lines. It is difficult to visit this section, you normaly miss that part out and start/finish on the other side of Fort Mosta.

mosta walking path Malta's Victoria Lines

For this section of the walking route along Malta’s Victoria Lines you will have to walk on parts of the busy and fast road, so be careful. Try to stick on the grassy verge as you get a good view of the North of Malta and the valleys of death.

naxxar gap fort mosta route Malta's Victoria Lines

Walk around, under and sometimes through the trees on the path from Mosta to the Naxxar Gap Cart Tracks along Malta’s Victoria Lines.

into the valley of death rode the six hundred Malta's Victoria Lines

“into the valley of death rode the six hundred.” In the middle of the valley of death floor you can see 3 small arches of an old bridge.

One real puzzle of Malta is the Weids (Valleys). Supposedly they are dry river valleys created back in the day when Malta had a Rainy Age instead of an Ice Age. That is not meant to be a joke but is the only explanation that geologists can come up with to explain the amazing short and very steep valleys of Malta.

The problem with the valleys of Malta as you will observe on the section of the walk from Mosta to Madliena is where did all the water come from? Not as in from the skies, but these valleys are carved into the highest places yet the valley cuts through both ways and they are very short. Why is there no evidence of the massive streams/rivers of water that had to pour out of the entrance. Where did all the material go?

There is another new explanation for the mystery of Malta’s valleys and Dry River Valleys and Wind Gaps around the world. It may be the result of gEUlogy, which is the Earths geology viewed from an Electric Universe pov.

quarry quarrying quarries malta Malta's Victoria Lines

One of Malta’s quarries and perhaps the largest if found at the Naxxar Gap and means you have to walk along the road that curves round it.

obstacles route path walking Malta's Victoria Lines

The fence on the left of the photo is the edge of the Maltese limestone quarry. It is always safest to walk towards the traffic and especially on this road as you get to see the cars speeding round the corner and they get to see you. Unless they are on their mobile phone like most Maltese drivers.

walking paths routes malta Malta's Victoria Lines

Round the bend by the trees in the photo above you have 2 options. You can keep following the road round then go across it and onto the grass edge and carry on walking along Malta’s Victoria Lines beside the Maltese quarry, or, you can take a slight diversion along through the scenic meadows.

flowers meadow field malta spring blooming summer flowering growing Malta's Victoria Lines

Flower meadows and fields in Malta flowering and in bloom during the Maltese spring. I was lucky enough to walk Malta’s Victoria Lines during the end of March and start of April when its wild flowers were in all their glory. It is a very pleasant time to walk and hike around Malta. Lovely and warm during the day but not to hot, with a cool breeze. It can be chilly in the evenings due to the cool breeze. if you come during the summer this is very likely to be all brown and few flowers.

malta maltese walking hiking Malta's Victoria Lines

This is the very short section of the walled path through the Maltese meadow that you can walk along. This is looking from Naxxar Gap to Mosta.

triq sir arturo mercieca Malta's Victoria Lines

The end of the short meadow path is at the bottom of this street, Triq Sir Aarturo Mercieca. If you are coming from the Naxxar Gap route you wont see the path, as its blocked by about 5 yards of tall vegetation but fight your way through it.

girna giren corbelled stone huts Malta's Victoria Lines

If walking from Fort Mosta to Naxxar Gap and you have walked through the meadow route then turn left past the Girna (Maltese for stone huts/hovels), a tradional but dying out building used by farmers, hunters and people to live or shelter in. Are the Maltese Giren an example of the ruined “Bee hive huts” found in New Zealand?

Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts Malta's Victoria Lines

The photo above is the view looking back towards Mosta.

If you have walked through the meadow from most then go back over the road and clamber down to the edge of the Great Fault Line escarpment and the Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts. This section of Malta’s Victoria Lines shows a real mixture of construction, design and repairs. In some parts only a fraction of the top of the wall remains but you get to see smaller trenches now overgrown.

Naxxar Mosta walking route Malta's Victoria Lines

Fortified wall at the Naxxar Gap section of Malta’s Victoria Lines, walking route towards the East coast.

naxxar gap cart ruts tracks mystery puzzle location guide walk route Malta's Victoria Lines

Remains of the defensive wall and trench at Naxxar Gap. Between the end of the Maltese limestone quarry and the small square building sticking up in the middle of the photo are the Naxxar Cart Ruts.

The Naxxar Gap Cart Tracks are very impressive examples of Malta’s Cart Tracks. In this location the Cart ruts curve steeply up or down the slope of the Great Fault Line escarpment. How were the Cart Ruts formed? When? Why? Are they man made or natural?

naxxar gap walking route Malta's Victoria Lines

Before you reach the nd of the Naxxar Gap section of Malta’s Victoria Lines, you will need to go round a modern building. You can not go round it “inland” as the trench of Malta’s Victoria Lines will stop you.

If you are walking from East to West then this is the view you will have at the start of the Naxxar Gap section, just above the Naxxar Cart Tracks. Fort Mosta is the large grey building on the edge of the hill on the right of the photo.

naxxar gap start finish walk hike trek hiking trekking walking route path Malta's Victoria Lines

Climb up or down through the Cacti and cross the main road where the roundabout is. You have just finished walking the Fort Mosta to Naxxar gap section of Malta’s Victoria Lines, or, about to start it 🙂

Fort Mosta is the squat grey building you can see above the Cactus.

naxxar gap start finish road walk hike trek hiking trekking walking route path

Naxxar Gap roundabout.

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