Map guide and walk route along the Victoria Lines Malta

Map guide and walk route to walking along Malta’s Victoria Lines.

Individual sections guide of the Victoria Lines Malta

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Kuncizzjoni (start/finish)
Kuncizzjoni to Bingemma Fort
Bingemma Fort to Bingemma Gap
Dwejra Lines
Falka Gap to Targa Gap
Fort Mosta
Fort Mosta to Naxxar Gap
Naxxar Gap to Gharghur

These hiking map guides on this site are the most detailed available online.

The Victoria Lines Book and Foldout Map

walking maps malta victoria lines hiking There is an official book with a foldout map but it is priced €35.00 and if you are not in Malta or Australia you will then have to pay extra for postage.

This book is not available on Amazon but you can buy The Victoria Lines book and map by Ray Cachia Zammit, direct from the Maltese publishers Book Distributors Limited (who do lots of very interesting books about Malta and Gozo).

Map of walk route along the Victoria Lines Malta

Victoria Lines Malta walk route path from Kuncizzjoni to Madliena Heights Fort Madliena Fort Pembroke

General advice and help to walking the Victoria Lines Malta

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Walking the Victoria Lines Malta is a great day out and a brilliant way to get a view of most of the island and experience Malta from its very peaceful coast and countryside in the West to the hustle and bustle of the East. The problem for most visitors is where to start walking the route across the island? What route do I follow? How do I get either there or back without transport?

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Why is the walk route of the Victoria Lines Malta not marked on the map?
The main problem with working out a route and how to walk along the Malta’s Victoria Lines is that, although the name would suggest it stretches across the island and is easy to find, you normally can not find a walking route on a standard map. That is because the “Lines” (fortified walls and trenches) were not built along every inch of the Great Fault Line escarpment, so maps do not mark them or the walking route across the whole island of Malta.

But with a decent map it will show the Great Fault line and just by looking ahead and sticking to the edge of the escarpment you should find your way. There are a couple of tricky bits that we have giving warnings or instructions on in our walking guides to each individual section of Malta’s Victoria Lines.

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Is it easy to find the Victoria Lines Malta walking route?
It is easy to follow and walk along Malta’s Victoria lines route if you know where to start, finish and the main Forts or Lines on the route. When you know the walking route you can then see it much easier on your map.

Basically you follow the Great Fault Line escarpment. It is easy to do once your start walking the route. There are only a couple of small sections where you have to go round some houses, across a field or round a limestone quarry.

The walk and photo guides will show you where the slight obstacles are or where you should be heading to get to the next section. The Fort Mosta to the Naxxar Gap section may provide the biggest challenge on what route to go but that is still easy enough if you know what is going to happen.

How long does it take to walk the Victoria Lines Malta?
It will normally take about 6-8 hours depending on what else you visit or explore and how many breaks you have. Perhaps longer in the full summer heat or if you are really enjoying it and having a nice relaxing stroll.

Victoria Lines Malta walking route – Kuncizzjoni start/finish
Victoria Lines Malta walk route west finish start Kuncizzjoni Fomm Ir-Rih path guide trek hike hiking trekking car park

What is the route to walk along the Victoria Lines Malta?
You either start or end in the West of Malta at Kuncizzjoni (near Bahrija and Fomm Ir-Rih Bay) or start and end at Madliena, Pembroke or Gharghur in the East. That’s the simple part. Between them is constantly changing scenery and the state of the path of the Victoria Lines themselves!

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Because you are going to walk across the Island of Malta you will have to be dropped off, picked up or catch public transport at one end.

If you start your walking route of the Victoria Lines Malta at Kuncizzjoni (West) then you end up at Madliena/Pembroke (East) which is very near St Julians and the Bus Routes. This is the route I would recommend as you end up in the towns so can get food and drink if needed or if the walk has been to much for you then you can easily get a bus or taxi.

Kuncizzjoni (entrance/exit from the Victoria Lines Malta) Google Earth coordinates 35°54’13.96″N 14°20’44.07″E

Victoria Lines Malta walking route – Madliena or Pembroke start/finish

Victoria Lines Malta start finish Madliena heights walk route trek trekking hiking walking plan

If you start walking the Victoria Lines Malta at Madliena/Pembroke then this is easy to get to. At the other end of the walk I am not sure how you would get back if you dont have transport or someone to pick you up, although buses must run from Bahrija. Or you can call Wembleys or e-cabs but that may cost you 30-40 euros (but if you are on holiday then what is that for the price of a great day out?). Or you could walk up to Mgarr or into Rabat/Mdina I guess.

Why Madliena or Pembroke? The fortied wall itself starts/finishes at Madliena Heights but there is the very impressive and hidden away Fort Madliena very close by. Then down in Pembroke you have the Pembroke Barracks and the very hidden away Fort Pembrokes. Where do you consider the Maltese Victoria Lines to finish?

Madliena Heights Car Park Google Earth coordinates 35°55’56.40″N 14°27’23.27″E

Fort Madliena 35°55’50.66″N 14°27’42.90″E

Fort Pembroke 35°55’37.75″N 14°28’50.51″E

What sites will you see or visit when walking along the route of the Victoria Lines Malta?
There are lots of things to see and visit on and around the walking route of the Victoria Lines Malta. It all depends on what you are interested in and how much time you have.

Malta walking maps

Malta Gozo walking maps
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There are a few good maps of Malta and Gozo. As these islands are very small there is not a lot of demand for walking route maps.

This is reflected by there only being one recognised walking route map, which is written in German/Italian but works as a map is a map.

When hiking around Malta and Gozo you can see most of the island and your route, so you can use other detailed road maps to help you plan your routes and stick to the path.

Below are a list of the most popular in terms of being bought and customer reviews and ratings.