Fort Mosta section Victoria Lines Malta map and walking

Fort Mosta section of the Victoria Lines Malta map route and walking guide

fort mosta guide and route path along the Victoria Lines Malta

The Fort Mosta section of the Victoria Lines Malta is very short but it provides an obstacle in that Fort Mosta and the new buildings around it stop easy access for a continous walk along the full route of the Victoria Lines Malta.

The very short stretch by the Mosta Public Gardens is very easy to walk along and provides a nice place to rest in the shade.

Fort Mosta Victoria Lines Malta map and walking route

mosta walking route  Victoria Lines Malta walking hike hiking trekking route maltese path guide

Either the start or end of you hiking along the Mosta Fort section of the Victoria Lines Malta. You have to cross the very busy main road between Mgarr and Mosta and either come down or up the smaller road with the poles beside it.

mosta public gardens location Victoria Lines Malta

This is the wall of the Mosta Public Gardens but if you go to the left of the road and jump down you will be along a small verge and the edge of the Great Fault Line escarpment.

Victoria Lines Malta fort mosta walking route

This shows how parts of the Victoria Lines Malta walls were constructed. This only goes on for a short while before you reach the part that has been made for the general public to walk along.

Victoria Lines Malta

Straweberry Field in Malta in time for the Mgarr Festa Frawli (Straweberry Festival). You can catch a ‘Park and Ride’ bus to the Mgarr Festa Frawli (Straweberry Festival) from Ta Qali National Park

spring flowers malta maltese Victoria Lines Malta

This short section of the Victoria Lines Malta offers great spring flowers and good views to the North of the Island of Malta. It is also a great spot for a picnic or to relax and sit in the shade with a few beers on a hot summers day. There are a number of small shady wooded areas for you to keep cool under.

fort mosta route Victoria Lines Malta

Very safe and touristy friendly section of the Victoria Lines Malta at Fort Mosta.

Victoria Lines Malta loop holes

Fort Mosta in the distance as you walk along the route of the Victoria Lines Malta from West to East (Kuncizzjon to Madliena). This section has basic musketry loop holes, not as well built as the loop holes at Bingemma Gap and its Stop Wall.

Fort Mosta is actually an obstacle to you walking along the Victoria Lines Malta and care needs to be taken when getting round it, as I found out!

musketry loop holes Victoria Lines Malta

Rifle loop holes and the view if you are walking the Victoria Lines Malta from East to West, heading from Fort Mosta to the Dwejra Lines.

Victoria Lines Malta fort mosta malta trekking

Fort Mosta and the path route along the Victoria Lines Malta. It looks great in the spring with all the wild flowers blooming.

mosta dwejra walking route Victoria Lines Malta

At Fort Mosta when walking the Victoria Lines Malta the path route is stopped by Fort Mosta. You have to make a decision here. Depending on how fit you are, if you don’t mind going on a farmers land or if you want to try something that very few people have!

1. If you are not fit and do not want to trespass on a farmers field then you will need to go back the route you have come towards the Mosta Public Gardens and either cut through the school or whatever educational facility it is there and then get along the road to the Mosta Fort and Mosta Bridge (heading to Naxxar).

2. When you come to the end of the path and meet the wire fence of Fort Mosta you can climb around the dumped rubble and up the slope onto the farmers field. Here you can either go left and climb over some fences and try not to end up in Fort Mosta or you can go across the farmers field and out through the fence and along the small road. When you get to the end of the road turn left towards the roundabout and cross the Mosta Bridge towards Naxxar.

3. You can go for the t-shirt of ‘I HAVE walked the full length of the Victoria Lines Malta’. You go round the outside of Fort Mosta along the edge of the Great Fault Line, follow the Fort Mosta walls round, then carry on followign the defensive wall, the actual Victoria Lines wall that joins up to it, follow that to the edge of the Wied. Then you … either go straight down to the ruins of the bridge or find another way down. Then you have to climb up the Wied or go up through the quarry. This is not the recommended route of course but has to be the most fun if you enjoy a true challenge.

mosta dwejra walking routeVictoria Lines Malta

Farmers field that you have to cross over if you dont want to go back on yourself or you want to walk from the start of the Fort Mosta to Targa Gap section of the Victoria Lines Malta. But watch out!

Where there’s muck there’s brass

cows herds malta maltese Victoria Lines Malta

One of the surprises in the farmers field is a cow herd. Malta has fresh milk but you dont see any cows out in the open. Mostly the cows of Malta are fed on pellets, not grazing happily out in the open like cows in other countries. Not enough grass or hay for them to feed on and not enough room or fields or meadows or whatever cows need to grow milk.

I have only ever seen a cow herd in the open in Malta in the San Gwann valley. So imagine my delight and surprise at finding a cow herd at Fort Mosta! But of course where there are cows there is cow slurry and a lot of it.

stepping in cow shit slurry Victoria Lines Malta

If you are in a slight rush and not thinking things through and decide to take a 15 meter short cut to save time …

You might step in a nice cow slurry pond. Then have to wash your legs down from the knees.

where there's muck there's brass Victoria Lines Malta

Where theres muck theres brass.

The gate you need to walk through is in the photograph by the house, just walk along the very obvious dirt track in the middle of the field. And as they said very wisely in ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and a phrase I often said but chose to ignore when I needed it most … Boys, keep off the moors, stick to the roads.

map targa gap mosta public gardens  walking hiking trekking hike route path Victoria Lines Malta

Map showing Targa Gap road and Mosta Public Gardens – Victoria Lines Malta

Victoria Lines Malta fort mosta walking route location map

Map showing Fort Mosta walking route and locations to walk the pathway of the Victoria Lines Malta

Map co-ordinates Fort Mosta walk section of Victoria Lines Malta

These are Google Earth co-ordinates, not taken in situ.
Targa Gap 35°55’2.77″N 14°24’52.89″E

Mosta Public Gardens 35°55’7.82″N 14°25’7.95″E

End/start of Fort Mosta path 35°55’17.41″N 14°25’28.84″E

Farmers field gate entrance/exist 35°55’12.18″N 14°25’30.11″E

Road entance/exist to farmers house 35°55’6.93″N 14°25’30.53″E

Mosta Bridge 35°55’4.40″N 14°25’36.93″E

Old ruined bridge 35°55’15.37″N 14°25’49.98″E

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